Day-Light Sky SAD Light Box

Day-Light Sky SAD Light Box Review

SAD Light Box Reviews – Are you contemplating on buying the new Day-Light Sky SAD Light Box? Well, who wouldn’t want to have it. Basically, it is amongst the latest products of Uplift Technologies that carries the pride to endow quality towards any consumer out there. So if you’re thinking about lighting up your life with this new lamp on the block, let us go through its features.

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NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light Therapy Lamp

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light Therapy Lamp Review

NatureBright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp has near 300 online reviews and the users gave it an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most users found this SAD lamp very helpful. This SAD light box is great value, a nice size and has a good appearance.

It is also quiet and has an automatic timer in 15-minute increments and turns itself off. This product has ion therapy. It creates a gentle flow of air that smells like line dried sheets. The seasonal affective disorder lights are easy to sit in front. This is a great SAD light box that is small enough to move easily wherever you need it to be.

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North Star 10000 SAD Light Therapy Box

North Star 10000 SAD Light Therapy Box Review

The Alaska Northern Lights North Star 10,000 SAD Light Box is a powerful light box used for treating mood disorders, seasonal depression and SAD syndrome. It measures 24-inches from side to side and produces approximately 10,000 lux of power, which is the clinically recognized amount of lighting required to bring about healing.

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Northern Light Technologies Nlt-sad Sadelite

Northern Light Desk SAD Lamp Review

The Northern Light Technologies Nlt-sad Sadelite has a wide base which makes it easy to use on any surface. The base has a switch at the front, which is used for turning the light on or off. There is a protruding stem attached to the base of the lamp.

This stem holds the tube bulb that is fixed right at the top. The stem is designed with adjustable capabilities, and this makes it possible for you to turn the light in any direction you deem fit.

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Sphere Gadget Technologies SP9882 Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy

Lightphoria Sad Light Therapy Review

Apart from commending on its usefulness, many Lightphoria SAD lamp owners are happy about its solid construction and attractive design. You can practically display it at home without making your surroundings awkward.

According to the customers, it works like the sun – when the light floods the room, your body seems to receive a wakeup call. You can feel the positive effects of the Lightphoria immediately after a few minutes of exposure.

Other customers, especially those who do not really suffer from SAD, do not feel a radical change in the mood. Rather, they feel wide awake after using the Lightphoria. It’s as if they have been on a picnic during a sunny, sunny day.

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Philips Hf3318 Energy Light

Philips Hf3318 Energy Light Review

One of the favorite features of the Philips HF3318 Energylight is its effectiveness. It offers natural relief for anyone suffering from the winter blues, or even who just likes to get an extra bit of sunshine in through the day. Especially if you have an office job, work at home, or otherwise are not able to get outside and enjoy the sun as much as you would like, this energy light can be incredibly helpful for you.

With its powerful 10,000-lux, full-spectrum light, you get the same light energy you would if you were outside for hours at a time. It helps to instantly increase your energy and happiness, helping you fight against the winter blues or even just feel happier and more aware on a dark, dull day.

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